Simple Package, Complex Platform

iHosting provides world-class hosting infrastructure with the assurance of around the clock availability and fast friendly support. The hosting grid technology is more powerful than a shared or dedicated server and the simple control panel interface makes it easier to use too.

Our base package gets you started quickly and the enterprise platform ensures hassle-free scalability for even the most demanding of websites. Get started now...

The Package

  • 1GB of disk space
  • 25GB of bandwidth
  • Windows & Linux on every account
  • Advanced email platform
  • Fast provisioning
  • Control panel interface
  • Managed Backup & Security
  • Includes 24 x 7 Support
  • Scales as you grow

The Platform

Consisting of a radically different approach to hosting, the platform offers a truly enterprise-level architecture which has been designed from the ground up to be reliable, redundant, and secure.

The proprietary technology deploys each website across entire clusters of servers which all work intelligently together, all poised and ready to instantly reroute web traffic should any component experience a failure. This means when a server crashes or a hard drive fails, the other servers in the cluster pick up the slack without a single byte of lost data.

The advanced architecture powering our hosting solution uses groups of high-performance, network attached storage devices to reliably serve every web page, image, and email. Inside each storage device, drives are mirrored to each other in a RAID configuration to create a first level of redundancy. Then, advanced software clusters the storage devices into logical groups, where files are instantly and automatically replicated across each device. And, as a final precautionary measure, all data on the system is automatically backed up continuously.

Advanced clustering technology routes each site request to not just one server, but through an army of load balanced IIS and Apache webservers. Should any server in the cluster not respond, requests are instantly and intelligently routed to the remaining servers, and the website visitor never experiences a single interruption. Contrast that to the more common scenario where a server crash simply means visitors are turned away until a technician has resolved the problem.